Manya Kahn - "Reduce, Relax, Rejuvenate" In Only 7 Fun-filled Days

Manya Kahn
"Reduce, Relax, Rejuvenate" In Only 7 Fun-filled Days
Label: Columbia Special Products ‎– OML 4012
Type: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Date of released:
Category: Non-Music
Style: Health-Fitness, Spoken Word


A1 Exercises to flatten abdomen, stretch spine, improve posture
A2 Exercises to slim and shape hips, thighs, calves and ankles
A3 Exercises for a youthful neck-line, general relaxation
A4 Exercises to slim waist, strengthen lower back, shape thighs
B1 Exercises for over-all flexibility and grace
B2 Exercises for coordination, grace and relaxation


  • Composed By – Irma Jurist
  • Narrator [Narration by] – Mary Jane Higby
  • Piano [Played by] – Irma Jurist


Liner notes, from the back of the sleeve:

"Reduce, Relax, Rejuvenate" In Only 7 Fun-filled Days
by Manya Kahn
Weight Control and Posture Correction Authority

For over 25 years Manya Kahn has been teaching women of all ages how to get the most out of life through a planned program of healthful physical activity . . . how to re-shape their bodies to slender, graceful proportions . . . how to acquire good pasture . . . how to erase the ravages of pre-mature aging.

The Manya Kahn health and beauty system is based on the knowledge and experience Manya Kahn had acquired as a ballet dancer, a teacher of the dance, and as a student of physical therapy. As a dancer, Manya Kahn learned that rhythmic body movements, performed with controlled breathing, shape and rejuvenate the body, release strain and tension—and create vitality, grace and lasting beauty. During her experience in physical therapy, Manya Kahn discovered the wonders of the human body—its sustaining and re-creative powers—and how the body, if properly cared for, could maintain youthful vitality and good health for a lifetime.

As a result of these unique experiences, Manya Kahn rejected the hard work school of glamour and beauty, and evolved a relaxing and effortless system based solely on safe, natural and health-giving measures—a system that strikes at the very roots of face and figure faults, such as poor posture, impaired circulation, overweight, tension and fatigue.

The results achieved from the Manya Kahn method seem nothing short of miraculous to the hundreds of women who have solved their face and figure problems under the guidance of Manya Kahn.

Until recently Manya Kahn operated exclusively from her lavishly-appointed salon in midtown New York—where hundreds of women joyfully achieved glowing good health and long-lasting beauty.

For years health and beauty editors of leading publications have acclaimed the Manya Kahn methods as an amazing and refreshing step forward in the field of health and beauty. Hundreds of enthusiastic reports about Manya Kahn and her methods have appeared in the national press. As a result of this national publicity, women all over the country urged Manya Kahn to make it possible for them to follow her wonder working methods in the privacy of their own homes, at their own leisure and convenience.

Several years ago, to fulfill these numerous requests, Manya Kahn published a 14-day Home Beauty Program called "LOVELY TO LOOK AT" In visual form it re-created her priceless methods which have worked wonders for hundreds of women.

And now, the unique and effortless methods of Manya Kahn are again made available for home use in a brand new presentation—on this new long-playing 12-inch record entitled “REDUCE–RELAX–REJUVENATE.”

Accompanying the record are 8 beautifully-illustrated charts presenting the Manya Kahn Rhythmic Body Movement program in clear step-by-step visual form. The music on the record was especially composed for each individual routine of the 29 corrective rhythmic body movements.

The Columbia presentation of the Manya Kahn grogram for physical development and well-being is easy to understand, simple to follow, and fun to perform. Energizing, healthful and relaxing, it gives amazing results in an amazingly short time.

Liner notes, from insert:


Enthusiasm for life is expressed in the enjoyment of abundant energy, zest . . . in glowing good health and good spirits. As we watch children at play, we delight in their tireless activity and natural exuberance . . . for we know active children are healthy and happy children.

Though your own childhood may be far behind, you too—regardless of your age—were meant to be active, alert, vital . . . filled with the pure joy of living. Many of us move through our daily schedules with a minimum of physical movement. We ride more often than walk. A fast session on the dance floor leaves us red-faced and puffing. Our jobs—executive, professional, clerical, even household chores—require only a limited use of a very few muscles. Modern labor-saving devices tend to reduce our sphere of physical activity even more.

The inevitable result of this lack of regular muscular activity is reflected in a gradual slow-down, a creeping deterioration of the body's normal rhythmic functions. We often blame our present condition on the advance of years, but deep in our hearts we know this isn't so.

We all know theatrical personalities, models and dancers who seem to have discovered the secret of eternal youth. They sparkle with healthy good looks—their figures are young and limber—they perform the prodigious tasks their careers require without a sign of strain or exhaustion. How do they do it?

But how about ourselves? Is there any sensible reason why we should continue to feel sluggish, apathetic, easily fatigued? Are pills the only answer to the tense wrinkles on our faces, to our strained nervous movements, our inability to relax? Is beauty something we remember rather than enjoy today?

Cosmetics, girdles and fine tailoring may camouflage part of the truth—but not all of it. Sooner or later, we must recognize that true beauty and health are not packaged assets that we can put on each morning and remove with cleansing cream—before facing another restless night.


A basic element of health and beauty is good posture, which is directly y of living. related to the strength of the large muscles of the body—the diaphragm, abdomen, waist, hips and thighs. When these important muscles are weakened through inactivity or misuse, they tend to become soft, flabby-and sometimes even atrophy. In this condition they are unable to perform their normal function of providing proper support for the body. The obvious result is poor posture.

Some of the unattractive figure faults—resulting from poor posture—include round and stooped shoulders, caved-in chest, shallow breathing, dowager's hump, sway-back, and protruding abdomen. "Middle-Age Spread" is another evidence of this condition, bemoaned by men and women alike.

Every normal person wishes to look attractive, to enjoy the youthful glow of good health, to feel alert and vigorous. To achieve this desirable condition, you must follow a planned program of corrective rhythmic body exercises tasks that will strengthen, firm and revitalize the weakened muscle structure of your body.

The tested and most effective routines, illustrated here, will restore the expansion and contraction of normal muscle tone, and help you attain a slender, firm body and erect posture. If you follow these carefully-designed Rhythmic Movements accurately, you can expect to re-shape and re-vitalize your body contours to youthfully attractive proportions in an amazingly short time.


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  • Matrix / Runout (A Label Matrix): XTV 66917
  • Matrix / Runout (B Label Matrix): XTV-66917-3A
  • Matrix / Runout (A Runout Etching): XTV 66918
  • Matrix / Runout (B Runout Etching): XTV-66918-3A

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